Who can qualify to be an HR Manager?

In our current modern materialistic world, where everything can be bought and sold and human lives are measured in a weigh alongside mere capital, it is quite hard to discover individual of gold heart, who desire nothing but the service of humanity. However rest assured; the search shall not be in vain. It often occurs that HR Career seniors encounter a queue of individuals, waiting to be recognized and mentored as HR career person. However, when their motives are brought to query, they often confess they’re in it because “they love coordination, team work and helping people in need.” However, that is indeed a tragedy of HR recruits because such candidates are more suited towards general management than HR; a harsh truth indeed, but this very same misinterpretation often leads to incompetent individuals joining the career. Let it be blatantly known that HR – although the name might sound like – is not a place for “nice” people. It is, however, an expectation from the newer recruits – it’s quite hard and often wished to find a “nice” partner in HR careers – not a qualifying characteristic – a common misconception which leads to wrong people applying for HR.

This predicament can be solved with one simple equation and explanation: HR is a place for just people; not nice people. There are a lot of situations in HR careers where, being nice just won’t cut. For instance, some individuals might perceive that extra amount of work can reward them with extra salary; however, the pay is only according to what the job itself is worth for. These are some of the cruel decisions one is required to take in the field of HR and result in many disagreements and conflicts between members and thus, any pacifist would be easily overwhelmed beneath the weight.

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