Where Do You See Yourself After 5 Years? Time to Nail this Question

Do you feel like interviewers are going to judge your psychic level by asking this question? Of course not! No one can predict the future so clearly but those experts are just trying to judge your career goals. It is time to let them know that what plans you have for this job. Definitely! They wish to hire someone with a much positive attitude, proactive and motivated enough so that you can bring growth to their company.
Once you are offered a job in a certain company then you will handle various responsibilities so the interviewer is just trying to know whether you are able to play that role or not. This single question contains five different thoughts in it:

How you define your long-term career goals?
What are your priorities in the path of career development?
What is your definition of success?
What are you actually looking for with this job?
What is your choice as an ideal job for your career?

One single mistake while answering this question may raise a red flag in their mind and you will miss an opportunity. How excited you are about this job and how you think you will serve for all responsibilities- everything matters here. So let us have a perfect plan for what to say as an answer to this question during the interview.

1. Be Specific:
In case if you have not planned much about your career then also we advise you to be specific about it but not too much; because general statements are usually forgotten within a few minutes. Be truthful but don’t raise doubts in their mind that whether you are the right candidate for this job or not

2Long-Term Goals:
This time interviewers clearly want to know that whether if you are ready to grow with the firm and settle here or your mind is still wondering in many directions. You must be aware of the fact that the company is going to invest a lot for you in terms of energy, time and money during training sessions and hiring process so they definitely need a sincere candidate. You must be capable enough to produce positive returns for their investment.

3. Show your Enthusiasm:
It is the right time to demonstrate your enthusiasm and show them that this job is an exciting next step in your career. Make it clear to them that this job means a lot to you and you are looking forward to a long future with their organization.

4. Do not Overthink:
Actually, the answer to this question unfolds your life and career plans so definitely it is not the right time to overthink rather you must have already prepared the right answer. This is one of the most expected questions in the interview so it is good to be prepared to present its answer in a much impressive manner.
The only suggestion for the best answer could be that “never say something that can raise red flags for your selection”. Spend some time to prepare your answer before the interview or after free resume submitting and memorize your script to describe your long-term goals. Tell your story in such a way that you will appear like the most suitable person for that job.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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