What Is Mass Mailing and how to use it to benefit Recruitment without getting into the spam folder?

While recruiting, the main task of a recruiter involves getting in touch with potential candidates and, one of the most common methods of getting in touch with candidates is e-mail.

Mass Mailing basically means sending out the same email to many people at the same time.

During the recruitment process mass mailing has several benefits and we will discuss them in this article and also check out how we can prevent your emails from landing up in their spam folder.

Here are a few benefits of using mass mailing:

Advertising Vacancies

• Inviting a Large group of Candidates For Interviews

• Rejecting a Large Group of Candidates

• Share & Explain the Interview Process

• Marketing tool used for Clients

How to send mass mail and avoid getting into the spam folder :

It’s advisable to send mass emails to individuals who have given you their email address like people who subscribe to various vacancies on the company website as well as other job portals that you might have tied up with. People usually don’t flag emails from senders that they want as spam.

It’s also good to have a subscriber list as you can gather email addresses via the same. It’s also a good idea to provide an unsubscribe link at the end of the mass email as it gives individuals an option to unsubscribe as well.

Check your email list properly and make sure to shortlist the most qualified people who fit the position by doing a little bit of research via LinkedIn so that they will be interested in the vacancy that you are sending to them. Your email is very much going to stay away from the spam folder of people who are relevant to the profile.

Here are a list of spam words and phrases, that you need to steer clear of in the message body or subject:

• Open
• Opportunity
• Success
• Make Money
• Lucky
• 100% Satisfied
• Click here
• Urgent
• Apply online

This is not a final list but don’t use any words that feel like you’re selling anything.

Additionally to keep in mind is do not use too many punctuation signs or use all capital letters in subject lines and avoid using several font styles and colors in the message body. Keep your emails short and to the point and do not add too much information and clutter the email.

Most importantly use the BCC option while sending out mass emails so that the email addresses of the recipients are not revealed to one another as it risks the privacy of the candidates.

Hope this article sheds some light on mass mailing and how you can use it to aid the recruitment process.


Blog source: Axpert Jobs

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