What is a company internship program?

Have you ever heard about companies offering internship programs? An Internship program is also known as “work placements” or “industrial placements”, is when a company offers an opening to candidates who they see as potential employees, to work at their organization for a limited period of time.

These employees are called “Interns” and they may be offered full time or part time positions which usually last from 3 to 6 months and sometimes only a few weeks. Typically, interns are university graduates who are not yet employed by any company. Internships usually focus more on training the individuals rather than making them complete employment tasks.

Interns bestow companies with various benefits one of them being uncovering good talents without having to go through hundreds of resumes and organizing endless strings of interviews for candidates who could or could not be qualified enough! The most important benefit to the organization would be the crisp ideas and fresh viewpoints that come with new employees just out of university.

Why do Companies offer Internships?  Find out more about why companies offer short and long-term internships?

There are many reasons that companies offer internships, for both short and long term goals.


Internships administer employers with cost-effective and most of the times, even free labor and this is generally for subordinate office tasks like, drafting, filing or photocopying.


It is highly probable that graduates, who were pursuing studies and were hired as interns in the past, will return to the company after completing their studies and are ready for full time employment. Hiring these ex-interns is good as, these individuals already understand the core values of the company and don’t have to be trained again.

What kind of compensation do companies offer to Interns?

Internships are usually paid, unpaid or partially paid.

Engineering, Accounting and Legal firms offer paid internships whereas, Media (Print, Radio & Television) and Non-Profit Organization internships are most often unpaid.

Offering Internships is an amazing recruiting tool and if you feel this might work well for your organization then go ahead and start an internship program today to drive your company and boost it ahead of its competitors.

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