Training and Development

In order to ensure its competitive position in the market, a company must carry out training and developmental programs for their employees. Training and development is a very important part of an organization and has a vital role in human resource management. It is the best way to upgrade the skills of the employees as per the changing environment and according to the rising competition in the market. Training and development always give a higher quality output from the employees. Most of the companies consider training and development programs as a fundamental part of the human resource development (HRD) activity.

Most of the organizations consider training and development as one and the same thing. The truth is a bit different. Training and development are two different branches of the same tree. Training basically refers to the process of conferring job-related specific skills to the employees. The concern of a training is to enhance the skills of an employee for a specific job and is provided time by time whenever the need of an up gradation is felt. It is mostly for the operatives. Whereas development refers to all those learning activities designed to help the employee grow. It does not only emphasize on developing the skills but all those attributes which will be helpful to the employees in their higher designations or in the near future. These are usually psychological oriented programs designed by the professionals in the job mainly for the managerial staff of the organization.

Previously, many of the organizations did not believe in training and development. They were of the view that the staff enters the organization with all the skills in their hands. They also believed that these programs involve much cost and are not worthy. However, according to the modern approach, the organizations feel like training and development are more of retention and thus invests more in it.

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