The Future of Human Resource: Artificial Intelligence Realities

A tremendous number of sectors and companies have been impacted profoundly in the past years by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. For instance, the functions of the supply chain have undergone massive changes and warehouses have been robotized to new standards. Additionally, other corporate and support functions have also embraced this technology wave, but they differ regarding pace and speed. The perfect illustration today is human resources where pioneer organizations have started to shift towards digital HR although most of the companies are still ion the conceptualization and reflection stages. On the one hand, there exist a feeling that is overwhelming and one that is related to the immensity of the possible on matters related to the offering of the HR technologies and on the other hand, there exists a dire need to answer the ever-growing expectations from a workforce that is evolving.

The main equation that is common is being faced by the HR C-levels today, and it ensures that the roadmaps of HR will become relevant in the C-suite and aid in the streamlining of organizations while at the same time improving the experiences of employees. AI technologies are concretely impacting on the HR community as they are v acknowledge as being a critical component of the future of most of the HR service delivery model. Almost all discussions today revolve around how to incorporate cognitive solutions, robots, and chatbots within departments in Human Resources. It is observed that the AI technologies are now being embedded fully within the community of HR. In conclusion HR professionals and AI technologies have started to be recognized as aspects that add value to employees. Therefore, most initial doubts and fears about them have been overcome.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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