How to tackle attrition as an HR?

If you have not read the previous article on how to tackle attrition, then go ahead and give that a read! If you have read it then, you must be curious to know more about How to retain your best employees?! How do we identify our employees’ needs?! Today in this article we will continue our discussion on handling Attrition.

Here are a few more steps that you can take to tackle this matter!

Clear communication:

Nobody can deny the importance and efficiency of clear communication in today’s corporate world. Train your management, mid level managers and associates to be a clear and effective communicator. A good manager has good people management skills and we all know how vital a manager-employee relationship is for the satisfaction and retention of the employee. Make sure that the managers and associates in your company are not driving away the employees. Make clear hierarchies and make sure everybody is well aware of their job roles and responsibilities and understands the chain of command.

Focus on retention:

As an HR your focus should be more on employee retention than randomly hiring and recruiting. Device strategies focusing on retention benefits for employees. This will ensure better rate of retention and will enable you to focus more on quality hiring rather than quantity. You can device both financial and non-financial benefits for you employees so that they can have options. Give them enough chances to prove themselves, learn and grow. Encourage and assist them to upgrade their skills and make your employees feel they are valuable to you which is a fact.

Better work culture:

An open and healthy work culture can greatly  contribute towards the overall productivity of your employees. Focus more on creating stable work culture and environment where teamwork and individual creative thinking both go hand in hand and gets equal attention and appreciation. Celebrate success when goals are achieved. Birthday parties, public festivals, team outings all contribute and encourage your employees to connect to each other at a more personal level and helps to build great synergy around the workspace. It will also remind your employees about the little excitements of life and make them live and love the workplace more.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article! Stay tuned for more Human Resource articles like this!

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