QuestionsCategory: Web HostingWhat is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?
reddyash Staff asked 1 year ago
Shared hosting is nothing but 200-400 websites are hosted in a single dedicated server sharing all the server resources equally.
Shared Hosting

  • Good for startup companies, blogs, and small websites.
  • Low-cost hosting.
  • Free support provided by the hosting company.

Dedicated Hosting

  • Full control of the server. Choose what applications needed to be installed or removed. Configure the server as per the website needs.
  • Expensive hosting.
  • Good for large websites, applications, and high traffic websites.
  • 2 types of dedicated hosting are managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed hosting an administrator from the web hosting company performs updates, configure and sets up the server as per your requirements, and assists you in troubleshooting or fixing the issues that might arise. But unmanaged in managed you will be responsible.

1 Answers
1hostweb answered 1 year ago

Shared hosting is the basic hosting type and is good to host small websites, startup sites and blogs. If you are looking for just an online presence and if your website will be receiving less traffic then shared hosting is the best option.

Dedicated hosting is superior to other hosting types. Here you are in full control of the server and you will be managing all configuration. You can install any softwares or applications you like. Dedicated hosting is better for high traffic websites and large websites or applications.

The only disadvantage of a dedicated hosting is you might require an adminstrator to manage the server, which adds to the cost of the server.

Dedicated hosting is more reliable, secured and flexible when compared to other hosting types.