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What are Job Boards?

Job Boards are nothing but a website to post and search for job vacancies also known as job portals.

All Job boards have the following two type of functionalities.

  • Job Posting: Employers, recruiters, and business owners post their job openings to find the candidates.
  • Job Search: Job hunters (job seekers) can search for the job vacancies posted by companies within the job board.

Talking about Job Posting, there are two types of job postings.

  • Free Job Posting
  • Paid Job Posting
Job Posting Sites
Free Job Posting VS Paid Job Posting

What is the difference between Free Job Posting & Paid Job Posting?

Free Job Posting: When we talk about a free job posting, you can post jobs in job portals for Free. The account can be created easily by using an email id and then fill the data related to the job vacancy. No credit card required and you can post jobs without paying any money. See the list of Free Job Posting Sites.

Paid Job Posting: It’s almost similar to the Free Job Posting in regards to posting jobs, but the only advantage paid job posting has is that they appear on top of the search engine results so that all job seekers can get information about such vacancies easily. See the list of Paid Job Posting Sites.

The other advantage of why some job portals require payment is for the resume database access. Most of these job portals have been for a long time and have spent lots of money and time on creating there resume database. Since they already have a list of candidates it’s easier to find candidates when job postings are done using paid job posting sites.

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