Is your CV /Resume / Profile Selling YOU Enough?

Have you ever wondered why you are getting few callbacks despite the fact that you have sent out literally thousands of CV’s via email and dropped even more in mailboxes?

Many job seekers face this kind of dilemma constantly and are unable to tell what the real issue is; they have the necessary qualifications and experience but are unable to go beyond the first stage.

A CV / Resume works like the most essential tool for your personal advertisement; it must have the useful content to promote and sell your experience as well as skills during an interview. Your resume must be designed with all important details so that it can present you well for particular opportunity.

If this is your story, your CV might just be the reason why you are stranded in the job market. As a job seeker, your CV is a marketing tool for your brand (You). It is your first foot in the door and like many others, it is a chance to sell yourself and make the hiring manager see why you might be a great option for the open position and the first section of a resume must be capable enough to present clear picture of your experience and abilities. It is important that you brand is not lost in the crowd; there will be many other CVs competing for attention and if your CV does not cut it at first glance, the recruiter will trash it after scanning the first couple of lines.

Would you rather get a shoddy once over or a call to interview?

A great CV is expected to be:

Precise: Make your CV concise and straight to the point. Leave out the unnecessary details. Recruiters want to see ONLY the important details. If you think it is not important, it probably needs to be taken out.

Tailored to fit: Create a CV specific to the job you are applying for. Many job seekers make the mistake of using the same CV for every job application. If it does not contain the specific qualifications and experience the recruiter is looking for, chances are that it will end up in the bin.

Properly Formatted: details need to be kept in a standard format. Use same font all through, make your alignment uniform throughout the document and restrict your bullets to a particular design. No recruiter wants a CV that has information all over the place.

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