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Inmotion is one of the web hosting companies that is on our top 10 best web hosting list.

Inmotion is a US based web hosting company. InMotion Hosting has awesome hardware, our true talent comes from our associates. Our team of web hosting experts average 4 years of professional hosting experience. If that’s not enough, our management team is composed of technology experts who average 10+ years of web hosting expertise.

Inmotion offers fast, reliable and affordable hosting as their web hosting network is based on the fast and reliable Linux and Unix operating systems. It is monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity and benchmarked continuously for performance. This allows us to immediately respond to short-term issues as well as to grow our system optimally – keeping it broadband ready, economical and fully redundant at all times. Domain registration, shared hosting, wordpress hosting, cloud based VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting

FREE Domain
2 Websites
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email
Marketing Tools
Security Suite
Shared Hosting Regular Prices starts from $7.99/mon to $15.99/mon and Promo prices start from $6.39/mon to $14.71/mon.

Upgraded plans get 2x and 4x more performance and pro level support. Some websites as they grow they need a greater level of server resources like RAM and CPU, granting them at least 2X and 4X performance, respectively, compared to the basic plan.

shared hosting
Shared Hosting Plans offered by Inmotion

WordPress Hosting

FREE Domain
1 Website – 6 Websites
20,000 Monthly Visitors to 300,000 Monthly visitors
40GB SSD Storage – 160 GB SSD storage
WordPress Optimized Stack
Unlimited Email Accounts
Easily create a beautiful WordPress website with BoldGrid
Staging Environment Included

Upgraded wordpress hosting plans get dedicated Opcode Cache pool, free dedicated Ip and Jetpack to enhance your wordpress site.

WordPress Hosting Regular Prices starts from $8.99/mon to $32.99/mon and Promo prices start from $6.99/mon to $19.99/mon.

WordPress hosting plans by Inmotion

VPS Hosting (Cloud Based)

They offer 3 vps hosting plans to choose from, the hosting features are as follows:

75GB Storage to 260GB Storage
4TB Bandwidth to 6TB Bandwidth
Free SSLs

Cloud based VPS Hosting Regular Prices starts from $44.99/mon to $83.99/mon and Promo prices start from $29.99/mon to $83.99/mon.

VPS Hosting
Cloud based VPS Hosting by Inmotion

Dedicated Servers

They offer 6 types of managed and unmanaged dedicated servers to host your websites. The hosting features for dedicated hosting are as follows:

3.50GHz Turbo 4C/4T to 3.0GHz Turbo 16C/32T
500GB SSD or 1TB 7.2K HDD to 3X1TB SSD Hardware RAID-5
6TB Data Transfer to 15TB Data Transfer
5 FREE IPs to 15 FREE IPs Included
2 FREE Hours of Managed Hosting to 4 FREE Hours of Managed Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting Regular Prices starts from $169.99/mon to $569.99/mon and Promo prices start from $115.69/mon to $529.49/mon.

Dedicated Server Hosting plans from Inmotion

Why choose Inmotion Web hosting Company?

  1. Cost-effective
  2. 24*7 Support (Live Chat & Ticket Support)
  3. They have been for more than 15 years that gives you the most experienced web hosting company.
  4. Most of the plans include a free domain name for a year, free SSL, and  SSD storage.
  5. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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