Human Resource Redefined

Role of Human Resource

Human resource provides, retains and maintains the workforce for an organization and makes sure that the employees work at their maximum. Human resource department plays the role of a bride between the employees and the management of any organization.

Backbone of an organization

The role of human resource is like the backbone as it keeps the skeleton of an organization intact and provides balance. If a company does not have a good human resource department, employees could not be handled and retained properly. It is the human resource department which is responsible for hiring the suitable candidates for specific jobs. After hiring the suitable candidates, the responsibility of human resource department is to make sure that the employees get all the suitable conditions and resources to perform at their best for the betterment of the organization.

Not Just a Hiring Department

The role and responsibilities of human resource department is not limited to hiring and firing employees as it was believed to be in the past. With the changing scenarios and increasing competition between the businesses worldwide, the human resource department as also evolved quite a lot. Employee retention, making sure their rights are met, keeping an eye on the performance of the employees and taking measures to enhance the abilities and productivity of the employees have also become some of the core responsibilities of human resource department.

Out of all the resources an organization has to carry out the functions and perform the tasks it is supposed to perform, human resource is the most valuable of all.

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