How to Hit the Conflict Related Questions in Interview?

You might be aware of the fact that most of the hiring managers in big companies love to ask some behavioral questions – and their favorite topic use to be Conflicts. Below are few commonly asked conflict-related questions:

How did you manage your team project and what were the major difficulties in that work?
When you had a conflict in your work environment and how did you handle that?
What used to be your way to respond to an angry manager/colleague/customer during your last job?
How will you handle the situation when you do not like some rules at the workplace?

Or there could be so many variations on this theme but the central idea is to judge your ability to manage conflicts at the workplace or with a team. The way to handle such situations is also known as general interpersonal skills. Your answer will help them know that how will you handle specific situations if hired in their company.

Some of you might be wondering that “what is the reason to ask such type of questions in the interview”. But there is a very deep meaning behind your answer as they need to judge how professional you are while handling disputes or conflicts at the workplace. You never know what kind of teammates you will get while handling a certain project in the company but if you are not able to manage co-ordination and co-operation with them then projects are likely to be failed. You must be a good team player so that you can manage healthy relations with co-workers, clients, and managers.

Tips for handling conflict-related questions during interviews:

Your first trick must be to choose the right example while answering this type of question. Try to be specific; your story should not be boring. It is time to show your interpersonal skills so try to avoid examples that prove your personality bad rather it should reflect your problem-solving ability.
It is time to paint a picture with your enthusiasm and positive attitude. Prefer to keep your story concise but it must focus on your skills.
Your story should not look like you have memorized a script, keep it natural and interesting.
Most of the time conflicts include some sensitive details as they are the result of problems, arguments but you must be confident while sharing your information.
While framing your answer for such type of questions always prefer to go for bullet format instead of word for word sequence. Try to hit the key aspects of your story by jotting down major points.

It is very common to have conflicts when you work with big teams or you are the manager of the huge workforce. People use to have contradictory opinions at workplaces but being a leader you must be able to resolve such issues with ease. The problem-solving ability and understanding level both plays an important role in this situation. Hiring managers at Free Job Posting always want candidates who can maintain peace at the workplace with their good behavioral skills.

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