Hiring and Managing Creative Employees

Businesses everywhere are trying to create a more welcoming atmosphere for employees. But what if the answer isn’t open space or an office cafè, but a higher engagement?
Are you familiar with the intrapreneur? This discussion will also discuss this type of personality.
Intrapreneurs are those employees who are assigned to work on special projects and ideas, and they are instructed to develop the project as an entrepreneur would. Intrapreneurs usually have the resources and capabilities of the firm at their disposal.
The value of someone that takes ownership manages a project like it was their own, and faces risks are great. But it requires a lot of trusts to make it work.
Creativity and innovation are very valuable. The problem is that most companies are not equipped to handle people that fit the creative profile. It will take effort as hiring these kinds of people will provide great benefits to organizations.
Let’s explore 3 scenarios to help with hiring and managing creative people.

Creative Tension
People that are creative have a different perspective on life, and companies are often not inclined to accept that sort of thinking. Whereas, some companies lookout for these types of people because they understand the value they can bring.
Creative tension can either be painful and stressful on both parties, or it can be used to find solutions to problems both small and large.

Allowing Them to Contribute
One of the ways to take merit of what these employees have to put on the table is to let them contribute, share, and vote on ideas. There are also many tools in the HR technology marketplace that can help you in this process. Check out Tembostatus or Waggl.
Whatever method is used, the benefit lies in weighing employee ideas for innovation.

Approach them differently
Treating all employees the same is like puncturing a tire. Eventually, all the employee turnover will dip, and hiring stalls only to close deadlines and not to hire creativity.
If All employees are treated the same by the company’s owners, it will lead to the creative, valuable people to leave. And the company will only be left with those that don’t do extra work and those who contribute only to their job titles without any creative input.
As you begin this journey, knowing how to hire creative people is one thing and knowing how to manage creative people is something else. Always look for ways to encourage creative, unconventional ideas from your employees at regular intervals.

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