Developing Employees at Work

It is required to develop a deep-rooted conviction between the line leaders and heads of business unit, that us really matter for people — that leader should enhance the abilities of employees, promote their careers, and do proper management of performance of teams and individuals.

Simply we can put all responsibility for developing and enhancing the talent on the shoulders of leaders of organizations. Yet, whilst many acknowledge its importance, only some offer training and coaching at scale to make their people capable.

Recently PDI Ninth House did a research on the capability of high-level leaders to enhance and develop their employees. According to this study, it was found that as the organization is moved up by the leader, they decrease the activities to develop the capabilities of employees — even they know the importance of this at each level. In fact, the responsibility of a leader to develop and coach the new talent persists while the context and expectations for the leaders vary.

Following are suggestions for senior leaders to create talent development environment:

  • Become an exemplary individual: By becoming a role model you exhibit the qualities of positivity, composure, and confidence. You need to be crystal clear upon the concept the learning process is ongoing and articulate this among others too. You need to welcome openness because the leaders need to pass through different stages of learning.
  • Strengthen the importance of learning: You need to reinforce the need for learning throughout the goal accomplishment process. So that the people can realize what they want and how they can overcome their shortcomings. For instance, when a person completes a task you should celebrate the result along with the learning opportunity they gained in the process.
  • Build sustainable processes to support Development: Managers need to assist their subordinates in areas that need improvement. Everyone at some point knows their weakness. People who with exhibit great expertise need career tracks that would enable them to attain a qualified position in their organizations.
  • Inculcate the importance of shared values: The workforce needs to associate their everyday goals and responsibilities with the larger goals of the organizations. This will enable them to create a viable plan of action.
  • Every problem opens a door of opportunity: Failure cease to demotivate the employees. In turn, they see every broken window is a challenge that allows them to show full potential. In this way, they can change their failures into upcoming feats.
  • The input of Team Members: Getting the input of team members for the development of the organization or the project always motivates them. They feel important and know that they are able to play a significant role in the organization. Their voice gets valued and they feel happy and satisfied regarding it. The involvement of team members for the developmental decisions always helps both the organization and the team members. It gives an exposure to new solutions and ideas for the organization and on the other hand, the employee is able to feel energized with volunteer work as well. Whereas, those team members who are told every time about their tasks, it will be difficult for them to survive in the organization and will not have confidence in them. The involvement helps in the growth of the overall organization and brings the team members close as being the part of the organization as well.
  • Recognition: Being recognized at work plays a vital role in the growth of both the team members and the organization. it gives the sense of security to the employee that their work is being appreciated and valued. Whereas the leaders create a positive environment for all the team members to work together with appreciating their hard work. It boosts them to work harder and offer something that is more than expected for the organization.
  • Discovering the Right Job Fit: Sometimes employees are not able to perform well and that is because they do not fit in that place. One of many roles of the leader in the organization is to help employees find their right fit and get to the right place. When they are working at the right place or department, their skills will show utmost results that will benefit them as an individual and for the organization as well.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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