Create a positive charm in front of the interviewer!

Communication skills play a crucial role in our daily lives. This is one of the most basic ingredients in an interview. You can have perfect resumes with the luring credentials, but if you are not having basic communication skills, you won’t be hired!

In a recent research done by NACE (often known as National Association of College and Employers) known as Job outlook 2011, employers were asked about the list of important skill sets which are needed for hiring job candidates. The report shows that communication wins the race amongst all other skills. First of all communication skills of a candidate is taken into account. This is then followed by work ethics, analytic skills, team work skills, initiative-taking skills etc.Therefore, this becomes imperative to brush up your communication skills. To do so, we have taken into account some factors which will help you improve your communication skills:

  • Word Usage
  • Assertiveness
  • Delivering Details
  • Keep it precise
  • Asking right questions
  • Listen

Although communication involves a lot of factors including your body language, the way you speak, your gestures etc, integrating the use of polite and generous words in your speech to convey your message helps in delivering a smoother interview experience.

Don’t hesitate to assert yourself during the interview. Speaking assertively gives a positive impression in front of the interviewer. This proves that you are well versed in the job and you can handle it in a hassle-free manner.

Deliver as many details as you can. Delivering details reveals your hidden strength. This ensures that you won’t stay unemployed. By doing this, the interviewer will be able to know that you have done the work yourself and you are not lying for that.

By paying attention even to smallest details creates a positive impression in front of the interviewer. This eventually raises your chances of getting selected.

Always remember not to utter any irrelevant word in front of the interviewer. Doing it results in more questions which may affect your chances of getting selected. So, always make your answer precise, to the point and don’t forget to add relevant details in favor of that.

Asking question in the interview process ensures that you are alert and genuinely want to get selected for the requisite position.

You can prepare a list of questions beforehand which you can ask the interviewer during/after the interview, depending on the circumstances. Doing this shows your interest in the company.

Listening is as important as saying. Don’t just go on saying about yourself and answering the question asked. Doing this makes the interviewer feels that you have learned the answers beforehand which may reduce your chances of selection.

Moreover, effective listening will help you ask right set of question from the interviewer.

In conclusion, communication is an essential part of the interview process. A person’s communication abilities are the top considerations of hiring by the employers. If you want to get selected, start working on enhancing your communication skills.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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