TOP 3 responses to look out for in candidates

During the hectic hiring season where talent acquisition is the talk of the day, do you solely rate candidates based upon their qualification and skills on their resume? If so, you need to take a deep breath and start assessing them on a more personal level as well so that the whole interview process become interactive and you can find out way more about the candidate and if that individual is a right fit for your organization.

It is important for hiring managers to distinguish the short comings and weak areas of each Candidate by curating certain questions to check for certain types of responses and reactions so that it would be easy to identify weather they can be trained and improved upon in the future and if they will fit the position in line with the company’s culture.

Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself and the candidate while interviewing so that it will simplify the whole process of hiring in a short period of time!

Is the candidate Dependable?

Reliability is the main concern of every interviewer. Employees that come to work on time and complete all given projects and someone who adheres to the company policy prove their trustworthiness and is the ideal employee that you want to find as the hiring manager.

It is not easy to measure trust worthiness in the first meeting itself, so the ideal question to ask the candidate to check their dependability would be : What does the world ‘Work Ethic’ mean to you?

Is Integrity part of the package?

Integrity is being perfectly honest with oneself and in one’s relationships. It means the candidate is ready to admit their weaknesses and strengths and work upon them. It also signals that the candidate would be loyal and stable in the long run.

One way you can check if the candidate has integrity is by listening for any sort of negative or critical remarks about a previous employer or experience.

Is the candidate Goal-Oriented?

To understand weather the candidate is going to turn into a strong employee who will provide the best job performance, you need to identify if the candidate sees the job as an accomplishment and is happy to work in that position rather than just looking at it as just another vacancy or means to acquire a monthly salary.

One question you can ask to understand if the candidate is really interested and goal oriented is: How will this job meet your career goals?. Their response will reveal if they want to be with the company 5 years down the line.

Apart from all the requirements of the job, expected to be fulfilled by a candidate, it is also important to take a close look at them as individuals to understand if they can not only perform diligently at their jobs but who will also bring motivation and be a great team player taking your organization one step closer to it’s goal.

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