Crescent Foundry

Manufacturing Contact: Sanjiv Roy
Work #406, Lords Building, 7/1 Lord Sinha Rd., Kolkata, 700071, IN Kolkata West Bengal 700071 India


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Crescent Foundry is the largest ductile iron & cast iron manufacturer & exporter of products in India with a 100,000 MT production capacity. Crescent is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Ductile Manhole covers, Counter-Weight, and customized molding & fabricated products. We manufacture on-demand ductile/grey iron products for Industries since 1982 while maintaining international standards and quality. Since incorporation, Crescent Foundry regularly improved and refined their production unit with modern furnaces & molding technologies. Now, Crescent Foundry is a leading exporter of cast/ductile iron products & has a presence in more than 50 countries including Africa & the USA. Crescent Foundry is helping the nation in the growth of the economy by providing different kinds of products & services for Railways, Automotive Industry, Agriculture, Hydraulics, Construction & Infrastructure. Reach out to us at 033-22827707 or mail at


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#406, Lords Building, 7/1 Lord Sinha Rd., Kolkata, 700071, IN Kolkata West Bengal 700071 India