Scouted | Candidates

Scouted | Candidates

Don’t get hired. Get Scouted. We match aspiring candidates with inspiring companies. Get hired for your abilities and potential, not just your resume.

Want to know more about why we started Scouted? Here’s the scoop. The Scouted Scoop. Say you asked us how Scouted started as we’re heading into work on Monday. We’d probably tell you it was created to fuse the power of AI data analytics with insightful, real human coaching to revolutionize the way people build careers. But, ask us on Friday afternoon and we’ll tell you we wanted to build a job dating service, except instead of a person, you’re falling in love with your job. Here’s the problem we’re trying to fix, no matter when you talk to us: Our country’s hiring system is stuck in the 1980s. Finding a job can feel like a series of terrible, sit-com-worthy blind dates. The old process places too much value on past experience, pedigree, and connections, overlooking important assets like grit, emotional intelligence, how you think, your potential, and culture fit.


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