Body Language in Interviews!

A strange feeling that your body is about to get flushed, doing mindless pen clicking activities, keep on shaking your leg continuously, unnecessary sweating in palms and lots of butterflies doing crazy activities in the stomach. If you have faced any of these feelings at any stage of your life then there are lots of things to learn below in this article for you. Actually, all these signs represent the degree of fear and nervousness and such feelings are observed even by the coolest person on the planet. This is the list of common feelings before an interview and if you get highly indulged in such things then probably it will take away all your confidence.

If you wish to get rid of this feeling of nervousness while going for an interview then the guidelines provided by few experts as below will be highly useful for you. Actually, there are few body postures that help people to gain their confidence back while facing interviewers. That is why we say that body language play important role in any interview for jobs in India.

Always prefer to stand in V position with your arms little outstretched; chin must be slightly lifted with wide apart leg position.

It is good to take a powerful position, for this put your hands on hips while keeping your legs firmly apart then look at the mirror and say to yourself that Yes, I can definitely do this task”. If you want to win than first of all challenge yourself.

When you are sitting on a chair then always keep your back perfectly straight while raising your hands above and joining them on back of the head to be in a relaxed position.

You can also stretch your legs or put your heels on the table to be in a resting position. Try to occupy maximum space as you can.

While walking in public area, you are always surrounded by lots of people so it is definitely not the right time to raise your arms up. Rather, you need to care about keeping your back straight and ensure proper lifting of the chin so that your confidence can come out with more power.

When you sit down in front of interviewer then your confidence tells them everything about you. Change your body language accordingly to the situation but remember that you need not to occupy too much space while sitting.

If someone is listening to your thoughts with crossed arms then it means they are actually bit paying attention to whatever you are saying. In order to make them understand, first of all, bring them to uncrossed arm position and let them become ready to listen.

When you are going to present something in a meeting or discussion then it is good to keep your hands on the back of the chair. It makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The time when you shake hand with others, ensure that you grasp their hand with confidence and it never shows your nervousness.

Keep a normal smile on your face to make everything perfect around you.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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