Are you Ready to Express Your Biggest Weakness in Interview?

One of the most common as well as an aggravating question asked during interview session used to be:

“Tell us something about your weakness?”

And you start rolling your eyes..! Definitely a bad signal!

Many candidates use to hate this question and they are not able to form a satisfactory answer for this. May be they are not ready to accept their biggest flaws at this most important stage and the turning point of their life.

Interviewers are already well aware of the fact that they will never get a 100% honest answer to this question but they do expect an answer from you. So let us get prepared to face it. If we have so many qualities to express about ourselves in an interview then definitely we must have few disadvantages to discuss . After all, we are all humans and we cannot be perfect all the time.

Below are few appealing tips to nail this question and impress interview panel even while describing your weakness. Once you realize the importance of this question, soon you will be able to get the best answer for it. But before that let us ignore few common mistakes!

The old trick: 

Turn negative into positive:

Most of the articles, seniors and books use to advice that you must develop an art to make negatives into positives while answering this question in an interview! No doubt it is a clever idea but is also too old. So the panel already knew that you are hiding so many things behind.

Freeze Up:

Many people are just afraid to say the wrong things in the interview, may be just because they do not want to lose this chance. But directly refusing to answer this question is not the right way. Actually when you are not mentally prepared to answer this question then you are probably about to freeze when it is asked. It directly reflects that you are trying to hide many things.

Raising the red Flag:

Becoming too much honest during interview session and expressing your mistake in such a manner that it becomes hindrance for your job profile is really a bad idea. Try to be tricky and talented enough to express your weakness without raising any red flag in front of you.

Below are few genuine tricks to nail this terrible question in an interview:

There are two parts to the answer of this important question. First one is your weakness that cannot act like a handicap for your job profile. And secondly while expressing your weakness try to add your proactive moves to improve it. While selecting your weakness:

Try to be authentic. Never select weakness just because it appears good to listen rather you must be able to create an impression of sincerity with it. Pick the one that is interview friendly.

Candidates are always advised to do pre-search about the company so you also have an opportunity to pick a weakness that cannot be a hurdle in the progress of a company. When you are applying for a sales job, never talk about your reserved nature and when it is time for accounting then never disclose your bad relationship with maths.

Just be flexible.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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