An Overview of Free Job Posting Sites

Free job posting refers to listings vacant positions on free job boards. Job posting sites help employers to attract a large number of candidates without paying any money.

You should not discount the value of posting jobs in a free job posting site. There are many ways your company can benefit from posting a job on a free job posting site.

1. Save on Advertising Costs

Posting job ads can be a costly endeavor. The cost for posting ads on Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn can run into thousands of dollars.

But why spend money on paid advertising when you can list the job vacancy at free job posting boards?

Free job boards don’t ask you for any money for listing vacant positions. Some people think that free job listing is for a limited time only. But this is generally not the case.

You can create a free account on a free job board without entering any credit card details, and list unlimited jobs without paying a single penny.

2. Target Large Number of Candidates

By listing the job in free job posting sites such as AXPERT Job Board, you will be able to target a large number of prospective candidates. The job boards can post the jobs in partner sites including other job posting site or classified directories. Moreover, they can post the job in social media sites and search engines free of cost. This can result in the maximum exposure of your job listings.

The more the exposure of your ad listing, the greater the chances that you will be able to quickly fill the vacancy. That’s why you should carefully select a free job posting site based on the potential exposure.

3. Easily Manage Listings

Free job posting site provides a dashboard from where you can manage your job listings. You can view live metrics to know about the reach of your listings. You can know which listings have maximized reach. In this way, you can finetune the listings to ensure that the site reaches the maximum number of targeted candidates.

Once a job post goes online, the live metrics will provide up-to-date information about the listing. You will know what listings get the most attention. By helping employers to monitor the job listing performance, the live metrics can help them in recruiting the best candidates. The metrics can tell the real story and guide employers to improve their listings.

4. Improve the Chances of Finding the Right Candidate

By posting a job in a free job posting site that offers live metrics, the chances of finding the right candidate increases significantly. You will be able to target the right candidates. It will ensure that the vacancies are filled with the right candidates.

Listing the job position in a job posting site will allow you to effectively target qualified individuals who best meet the job requirements. The metrics will help you master the recruiting funnel allowing you to fill the right candidates for different positions.

5. Post Multiple Jobs Quickly

Yet another benefit of free job posting sites is that you can post jobs relatively quickly. You can create a free account and start posting jobs right away. No need to enter credit cast details. You just need to enter the username, password, and profile details.

The process of registering for a free job posting site is much easier and less of a hassle than registering for paid ones. In this respect, free job posting sites provide a greater value for money as compared to posting in paid job boards and advertising sites.

6. Save Time Finding the Right Candidates

With free job posting, you will save time in connecting with the right candidates. Once you have registered for a free account, you can start posting right away. The online portal remains accessible 24/7.

Whether you are a CEO or an HR personnel, you will be able to post the jobs and monitor responses anytime. You can access the portal any time of the day and night. The candidates can get in touch with your company by email or phone. You might be able to get the position filled within the day of posting the ad.

7. Easily Update the Ads

Editing the job listing is easy on a free job posting portal. Online job listing portals such as AXPERT Job Board has made the task of posting and modifying the listing easy and efficient. The process of modifying the job ads is less time-consuming. You can keep the job listings up-to-date with just a few clicks of the button.

To sum up, posting on a free job posting site is quick, cost-effective, and easy. This is particularly suitable for small businesses and startups. You don’t need to pay anything for posting ads on the free job posting sites. Both the candidates and the company can benefit from the services of the free posting sites.

You have nothing to lose when posting jobs in free job boards. Now that you know the benefits of posting jobs on free posting sites, let’s take a look at some tips to post effective job listings in the free job posting sites.


How to Post Effective Job Listings? | Specific Guidelines

1. Craft an Attractive Job Listing

Remember that you need to create the job listing carefully. A badly written listing won’t likely attract prospective candidates; no matter how reputable the job site.

So, how can you create a good listing? Here are some tips that will help you to create an effective job listing for any vacancy.

  1. Make a Good Impression on Jobseekers — Try to make the best impression on the job seekers. For most individuals looking for a job, the job description is probably the first thing that they will read. That’s why it’s important to craft the job description carefully.

A well-written job description can motivate the job seekers to apply for a job. On the other hand, a badly written job description will have the opposite effect; it will discourage them from applying for the job.

  1. Use Words to Evoke an Emotion — Studies show that emotions influence our buying decision. The same can be applied to the decision for selecting a company.

When writing a job post, you should use words that evoke an emotional response. Consider using words like ‘lively atmosphere’, ’employee-friendly policy’, ‘free xxx’, ’employee welfare’, etc. You should also specifically mention employee benefits like vacation/paid time off, flexible schedule, performance bonuses, fitness center, and other perks offered by the company.

  1. Include Relevant Company Details — Make sure to enter all relevant details about the company that relates to the job role. Explain how the job role will help achieve the vision of the company.  Also, write an honest statement about the position of the company within the industry. A survey of about 527 graduate students of top schools in the US, Europe, and Asia revealed that company reputation was an important factor when deciding a potential employer.
  2. Specific Job Title — The job title mentioned in the listing should be targeted instead of generic. You need to use phrases that accurately describe the job title. The job title should reflect the job responsibilities and duties.
  3. Be Concise and to the Point — Avoid being overly verbose with the listing. At the same time, the listing should also not be too short as it will not have enough to make the ad compelling enough. Job listing should be about 500 to 600 words long. Listings that are more than 1000 words, or less than 100 words, will lessen the chance of attracting a large number of job seekers.

2. Mention the Job Location

A mistake most businesses make when posting an ad is not stating the job location. A company may have multiple branches in a city. In such a case, it’s essential to mention the location where candidates will be expected to work.

One company had failed to mention the place where the workers will be expected to work. Only once the company had selected the candidates, it was told that they will have to work in a suburban location. Obviously, all of the selected candidates had left the company within a week of joining. This shows the importance of mentioning the location in the job listing. It will save you a lot of hassles later on.

3. Enter the Required Information

You should enter all the relevant information on the job posting site. Some of the information that you will be required to post include the following.

  • Salary – Mention the salary and whether it is hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual. Also, you should mention the minimum and maximum rate for freelancing or outsourcing agencies.
  • Job type – Indicate whether the job post is temporary, permanent, freelance, or internship.
  • Email – Enter the email where applicants should post their CVs.
  • Closing date – Clearly inform the prospective candidates about the deadline for submitting an application.
  • Jog tags – Make sure to enter at least five job tags relevant to the position. The tags can be the job title, position, or relevant skills.

Mistakes to Avoid When Posting of Free Job Posting Sites

The online free job listing agency will review your ad and activate it if it meets the requirements. You should search for your company ad 24 to 48 hours after posting the first ad. Here are some of the mistakes due to which your job listing post may be blocked.

  1. Asking a Fee — Most free job directories don’t allow you to seek any payment from the job seekers.
  2. Violation of Equal Opportunity Law — The job listing should not violate equal opportunity law in any way. The job listing should not be targeted based on age, gender, race, and other related factors.
  3. Posting Multiple Ads of the Same Position — You should also be careful about posting multiple ads of the same position. Job boards will typically flag ads with identical job titles and descriptions.
  4. Post an Ad for Multiple Locations — Each job that you post should be associated with a single location. You cannot post an ad for multiple locations.
  5. Posting More than 3 Remote Jobs — In case the job is remote, you should add the word “Remote” in the title. However, it’s recommended that you don’t post more than 3 jobs with this title as the job posting site may consider the listings as spam.
  6. Posting a Work-at-home Job— Lastly, you should remember that most job posting sites don’t allow posting work-from-home jobs. There is a difference between work-from-home and remote jobs. Remote job workers are employees of the company and receive all the statutory fringe benefits. In contrast, work-from-home workers don’t receive any such benefits. You should remember this difference when posting jobs at a job posting site.


Summing it All Up

Free job posting sites will allow you to save cost when advertising for vacant positions. You can post unlimited ads on a job board without paying any money. This will benefit not just the company but the candidates as well. It will allow you to get maximum possible exposure of your online job listing.

By posting on a free job portal, you can get a large list of potential candidates for a position. This will allow you to fill multiple vacancies quickly. It will also allow you to connect with the most qualified candidates for a given position.

Posting a job at Axpert Job Board will help you maximize the exposure of your job listings. We can advertise the listing on all search engines and social media for free. The free job posting site is targeted at small business owners and human resource managers. Create a free account to register your company and start posting jobs today.

If you are looking to post jobs now, try list of free job posting sites.

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