All About Community Management and Building your organizations Team

Community Management plays a huge role in the social media strategy of any organization. It is somewhat identical to Social Media Management and, helps in managing the customer base as it grows, along with the organization.

The heart of community management lies in relationships and, how your company deals with online interaction with its’ community in online public spaces

You may think “community” means that the tasks are based out of a single location, but actually, your community is totally spread out all across the internet on social media sites such as : Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Google+ and also the comments sections of relevant blog articles. Any organizations community is made up of target audience, present customers and everyone including organizations who interact with your brand online.

Organizations that don’t have a community management plan loose out on :

Managing complaints by customers.

• Turning customers into followers.

• Network with other companies and partner with them.

• Get valuable feedback about your products / services.

How to build the perfect Community Management Team?

Since community management is a unique customer facing profile, You need the correct individual for the job. You can hire new people to make up the team or you can also promote individuals with social media skills, who are already on board.

Some key skills that make up successful community managers are that they are creative in problem solving and have great listening and communication skills and are great team players. The job requires that you be a multitasker, thus your project-management and organizational skills need to be top notch. You also need to have a flare to help people and to find immediate solutions to any sort of customer problem that might arise.

Maintaining and evolving an energetic community is an investment in itself and you cannot expect to receive alocades and positive feedback just by creating a customer community on Twitter.

You need to understand that it is important to first plan out what the team will be responsible for and what levels of experience you need out of each member of the community management team. Your next steps depend on your organizational goals and current resources.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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