3 Key Components for the Best Employee Experience

In the race of establishing a celebrated corporate culture, many a times as employer  you have to work on it yourself as to see how effective these policies are.

Employee experience is not always as complicated and challenging  as you think. Most of the times the employee experience can be categorized into three basic categories, viz., Physical, Technological and Socio-Cultural. As we are moving a more efficient and employee friendly work culture, here are some tips to establish the best and coolest employee friendly work environment.

1. Physical Experience :

This is your work-space without the actual ‘work’. That being said it includes the physical environment of your work-space, starting from how stocked your pantry is, to the smell of your office washroom and everything in between. As a rule of thumb ensure proper sanitation, hygiene, water supply and space in your workplace. A healthy and clean environment will always bring out positivity among your employees and help them stay focused. Pay attention to your employee’s concerns in this area as this is the area where most of the employees concerns come from. Conduct regular surveys and feedback to ensure that your employees are getting what they require to get the job done. Offer flexibility and multiple work-spaces for your employees so that they can feel more relaxed and comfortable with the work.

2. Technological Experience:

As the employer it is your primary duty to make sure that your employees are at least getting access to the technologies they require to do the job. All the hardware, software and technologies for your business needs, make sure is available to the right persons at the time of requirement. A timely  upgrade of your systems can save you a lot of money and time. Application of consumer grade technologies which appeal the employees to consider it valuable and to be able to use it themselves in their life will make them more attached to your company and can be an important factor when it comes to enhanced employee experience. This in turn also helps in lifting the overall physical experience of the workplace.

3. Socio-Cultural Experience:

To establish a positive socio-cultural atmosphere around your work-space, make sure your organization is viewed positively by your employees and public in general. Everyone needs to be feel valued and appreciated for their work, as it gives them a sense of purpose and they can feel like that they are part of the team and the driving force. Include employee from diverse backgrounds and treat everyone equally. Introducing dedicated policies for employee wellness and health will give you an extra edge here. These practices in turn can help you in earning your employees’ trust and you can find more grateful employees in the form of referrals.

Blog Source: Axpert Jobs

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